Meaning of 'khara:'

Meaning of खरा

pure, genuine; straightforward; upright; honest; plain-speaking; overhot (e. g. खरा तवा, खरी आँच; crisp; —आसामी a good paymaster; a straightforward person; —उतरना to hold water, to bear examination; —कहैया a plain-speaking man; —खेल genuine straightforward dealings; —खेल फ़र्रूख़ाबादी straightforward undaunted dealings/conduct, calling a spade a spade; —खोटा good and bad, genuine and spurious; —दाम अच्छा काम good wages good work; —परखना to distinguish good from bad, to discriminate between good and bad; —सिक्का a good coin.

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