No direct Hindi meaning for the English word 'arduous' has been found. Check out the following synonyms for the same word which are very close in meaning.
  • hard - कठिन,  कठोर,  कड़ा,  पक्का,  कड़क
  • difficult - कठिन,  दुर्बोध,  दुष्कर,  दुस्साध्य,  मुश्किल
  • Laborious - कष्टसाध्य,  परिश्रमी,  कठिन,  उद्यमी,  श्रमसाध्य
  • toilsome - मशक्कती, कठोर श्रमसाध्य
  • uphill - कठिन,  दुःसाध्य,  क्षमसाध्य

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